Sale, Maisonette 116 m², Chaniotis, Pallini, € 400,000
Maisonette Pallini 4606304 - 1
Sale Maisonette 116 m²
Chalkidiki, Pallini

€ 400,000

Sale, Maisonette 116 m², Chaniotis, Pallini, € 400,000

Chalkidiki Pallini
€ 400,000
Price per m²
€ 3,448
116 m²
Heating System
Autonomous heating system (Petrol)

Key Features  #160

Property Description

The complex 'Aelia consist of 9 independent three-storey villas with sea views, private garden
and parking. The complex is the first in the series on the seafront. These five are shown
images have a sea view from the side.
The areas of housing are: living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The most spectacular views,
will the window from the whirlpool tub to be installed in the attic!
The beach front is calm and ideal for swimming. Feature is that each house
It has independent access to the beach with its own corridor. The distance from the center of Hanioti
walk is four minutes!
The construction will be based on light-colored stone and will be processed in 2016.

One of the most developed tourist destinations for summer holidays but also a region of great natural beauty. Blue waters, countless bays and beaches, lush vegetation and picturesque villages create an idyllic landscape.

Located within walking distance from Thessaloniki and the three peninsulas Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos offer vacations for everyone: nightlife in Kassandra, tranquility and exotic beaches in Sithonia, family atmosphere on Athos.

The accommodation options are endless, from rooms and quaint guesthouses, small hotels so famous, award-winning and luxurious complexes.

Finally, a variety can be found as regards the food - from good family restaurants to award-winning gourmet restaurants.

how to come

With airplane
The region is served by the International Airport "Macedonia" of Thessaloniki, which is connected daily with several flights with the largest cities of Greece and Europe.

Phone information airport "Macedonia" +30 2310 473212
From the airport, one taxi (distance to the New Kallikratia about 20 km.) Or bus to get to the Coach Station of Halkidiki (KTEL) in Thessaloniki and from there moved to New Kallikrateia.

By train
Travellers coming by train from Greece or abroad, reach the railway station of Thessaloniki.

Thessaloniki Train Station - Information tel. +30 2310 517517, 517518

By bus
From the railway station by taxi or bus arrive at Bus Station (Bus) Halkidiki and from there bus line can be moved to New Kallikrateia.Yparchoun daily and frequent service throughout the year.

Information - Bus Station (Bus) Halkidiki:
Nea Kallikrateia Station Tel: +30 2399 21 048 0
Thessaloniki Station, tel .: +30 231 0 316555, 316 565
Polygyros Station, tel .: +30 2371 0 22309
Youth Station Moudanion, tel .: +30 2373 0 21228
Arnaia Station, tel .: +30 2372 0 22278
Cassandra Station, tel .: +30 2374 0 22214

By car
naturally the fastest and safest way for someone to come to New Kallikrateia from Greece is by car. For tourists coming from Europe in Chalkidiki the safest route is via Italy.

Information on routes and ship values:


Chalkidiki, Pallini



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