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Moving and Movers

The choice of the best moving company is a complicated and important process. There are several matters that, you should be cautious of, in order to make a good choice financially and ensure the safe transport of your belongings.

Market research for available options

In no case should you make a hurried choice and choose the first mover you found on the yellow pages or online. It would be wise to locate a few moving companies, ask for offers and also to get informed about the services they are offering.

The best option

The cheapest solution is not always the best. Especially when you are transporting high value objects, in case of an accident, the absence of an insurance will prove a rather expensive choice.

What is the best period to move?

Most people in Greece tend to move during the summer and that is why movers tend to increase their prices during this time period. Therefore it would be best, if possible, to choose another period to move.

The final choice

After you reach your final choice, it would be wise to secure a written deal that would describe in detail all the services that are expected to be provided by the mover as well as how much they will cost. In concrete terms, do you want the moving company only to transfer or also to wrap your assets? Often, after verbal agreements, increased expenses tend to emerge, that you would then have to pay without any notice. Furthermore, do not forget to specify the exact time of delivery and payment method. In no case, should you pay the whole amount upfront, but you should rather make an agreement to pay a smaller amount before and pay off the rest after the transfer is completed.

Important Notice:

It should be noticed that does not undertake moving services, it merely gives the chance to any interested part to communicate with moving companies. The above form is by no means a legally binding document nor a legal process. It is simply the initial communication indicating the interest in a potential agreement and collaboration. The actual agreement depends entirely on the bilateral communication between the mover and the individual looking for the described service. bears no responsibility about the outcome of this process.

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