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MoneyMarket S.A. is the first company that was introduced as a Mortgage Brokerage service in Greece in accordance with international standards, in March 2006. Our goal is to become an ally for consumers while trying to get the best mortgage rates, reduce the cost of borrowing and provide the best online tools and services.

Today, our free service has great value as market conditions have changed. Banks reject a large number of mortgage requests by implementing more stringent credit criteria and offering differentiated margin (spread) and loan-to-value (LTV) terms.

MoneyMarket will bring you special, personalized offers from all partner banks maximizing the likelihood of approval significantly and securing the best possible terms for you, through a single contact.

MoneyMarket is an official intermediary of Greek Banks and notified in the Data Protection Authority and the Central Bank of Greece.

Tel: 211 / 8000804

  • Loan Duration

  • 40 years

  • 30 years

  • 20 years

  • Fluctuating rate

  • 342 / month

  • 392 / month

  • 501 / month

  • Fixed rate 3 years

  • 368 / month

  • 417 / month

  • 523 / month

  • Fixed rate 5 years

  • 406 / month

  • 452 / month

  • 555 / month

Minimum loan installment

The offers presented at this table are indicative monthly mortgage payments of a mortage amount of 84,000 with 70% loan-to-value (70% LTV), with value being the price as displayed at the listing.


Fill in the contact form and you will be contacted by an experienced MoneyMarket consultant to discuss specifics and you will be very quickly informed on whether you can get a mortgage and under what terms.

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