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Energy Certificate

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is issued with the purpose to reduce the energy consumption of buildings. It presents the energy rating of the building on a scale of A to G and any recommendations to the owner to improve its energy efficiency. The EPC is necessary after the construction / renovation of a building or part of it, before the property sale and for all online rent statements, while from 2016 it is mandatory for posting online real estate ads.

Accredited assessors

For the issuance of an EPC, you need to conduct an energy audit, which will calculate the property’s energy rating. The inspection is carried out by engineers or architects registered on the Energy Inspectors record. The cost depends on the surface of the property and is free to deal with the assessor. It is better to first receive some offers by professionals and then choose the one you want.

Issuance Procedure

After choosing the professional you wish to cooperate with, he will ask you for some documents, for example architectural designs, then will visit the building to inspect the interiors and issue the certificate. Finally, the assessor will sign and seal a copy which he will deliver to the building owner. The EPC is valid for ten years, except in the event of a major renovation.

Important Notice:

It should be noticed that HomeGreekHome does not issue energy certificates, it simply gives the chance to a person to communicate with professionals or companies that undertake such work. The above form is by no means a legally binding document nor a legal process. It is simply the initial communication indicating the interest in a potential agreement and collaboration. The actual agreement depends entirely on the bilateral communication between the assessor and the individual looking for the described service. HomeGreekHome bears no responsibility about the outcome of this process.

Nationwide Network

HomeGreekHome’s trusted network of assessors can cover your needs everywhere in Greece and offers you high quality services with regards to energy certificates’ issuance

Compare and choose effortlessly

Essentially we do an automated market research for you. By defining your criteria in the next form, you will receive offers and if you are interested in any of them, you can directly communicate with the engineer or technical company of your choice

Easy, fast and without any commitment

The process is very easy. No need to do anything more than to fill-in the form on the left, so you can start receiving your offers from professionals who specialize in issuing energy certificates

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If you are a professional and you wish to register with our network of professionals (renovation / technical work / construction), you may complete the form in our Advertising section and we will get in touch as soon as possible.


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