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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

What are the prices of houses for sale along the coast of Attica?

coast of Vouliagmeni

Vouliagmeni holds the first place on house prices, while the lowest values are recorded at the Skala Oropou community, compared to the other seaside areas of Attica.

property prices on map of Attica

For anyone interested in buying a home in the Athenian Riviera or the Attica coastline, the choices are many and the price range is quite large. The highest average price per square meter is located in the southern suburbs of Athens, with Vouliagmeni being the first (4,672 € / sq.m), Kato Elliniko (4,283 € / sq.m), Glyfada (3,583 € / sq.m.) and Voula (3,342 € / sq.m). The top five with the most expensive areas is completed with Sounio (3,298 € / sq.m).

The other coastal areas of the southern and eastern suburbs of Athens do not fall below two thousand euros per square meter. More specifically, there is an increasing interest towards Southern Athens by foreign prospective buyers, who are willing to check luxury properties, often to obtain the Golden Visa.

Cheaper homes are for sale in the rest of Attica, with more affordable prices in Skala Oropou (1,224 € / sq.m), Nea Peramos (1,263 € / sq.m) and com. Neon Palation (1,354 € / sq.m). Artemida (Loutsa) follows with 1.396 € / sq.m. And Vravrona with 1,532 € / sq.m.

table with prices

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