The O'Connor Real Estate has been firmly established over the years. We are considered to be one of the most experienced and well respected Estate Agents in Greece with associates all over the world. We are located in Switzerland with associates in the Messinian Peloponnese and worldwide.
Our aim is to offer you, our customers, the best value for money.
We offer advice on cheap flights and the best way to get here.
Upon request we book you into the kind of accommodation you would like.
We drive you round as many properties and villages as you wish, giving you information on the properties, as well as on the area (history of the area, cultural features etc).
Not only do we help you choose your ?dream-property?, help you with all the legal matters and purchasing procedure, but we can also offer you advice on any other matter such as health and house insurance, transportation of your furniture (companies and legal advice), best shops, restaurants, and the ?know how? of the area you wish to purchase a property.
We can also introduce you to some excellent English speaking architects, who have their own crews of builders, plumbers, electricians, etc, and who have the experience of restoring old stone houses to their former glory, or building new houses for you. We can introduce you to English speaking lawyers that can help you through the purchasing procedure, in fact you have to do nothing, they do it all. This means that the property can be signed over to you in your absence and it is not necessary for you to be present.
Your lawyer will draw a deposit agreement in both languages between you and the vendor.
He/she will arrange everything else, Greek Inland Revenue, Public Notary, Registry Office etc on your behalf.
Your lawyer will then have the deeds translated into your own language, and sent to you by courier.
There are a great number of highly satisfied clients who will be more than willing to share with you their experience of buying through our company or their building or renovating experience. Their e-mail addresses or telephone numbers are available upon request.
Please, keep monitoring our website for the up and coming section on Press releases and T.V. coverage of the O?Connor Real Estate in Greece. This will include extracts re. our company from highly reputed magazines and newspapers, such as:
?House Hunters in the Sun? issue January/February 2006.
?Homes Overseas? July 2005 issue, and a 3-page article in April 2003 issue.
?The daily Telegraph? 17/07/04
?The Times? 14/11/05, 6/6/03, and 2001.
?World of Property?,
?International Living? April 2003, the supplement of
?The Evening Standard? 3rd October 2001, as well as many regional Newspapers such as
?The Journal? June 16 2001,
The Evening Chronicle? June 19 2001,
and others in Liverpool, Newcastle, Manchester, etc.
T.V. coverage:
?A Place In The Sun? Channel 4, September 2004.
?The Richard And Judy Show? Channel 4, 2003.
?A Place In The Sun? Channel 4, 2002
Best regards
Chris and Mary O'Connor
O'Connor Real Estate
Aristomenous and 18, Fratzi st.
24100 Kalamata
Tel. +30 2 7210 96614 or if you call us from a local phone 27210 96614
Fax +30 2 7210 96614 or if you call us from a local phone 27210 96614
Mobile +30 6977 524039 or if you call us from a local phone 6977 524039

Kato Verga

Mary Chris O Connor

29 of 29 Properties
Detached House 260 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Messini (Messinia) 747488_1  |
O' Connor Properties

Detached House 260 m2 For Sale

Messini (Messinia)
20/11/2017 - LOCATION: This delightful property is conveniently situated on the boundary of a traditional Gre ...
€425,000 260 m2 € 1635/m2 5 bedrooms
Detached House 126 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Lefktros (Messinia) 3866227_1  |
O' Connor Properties

Detached House 126 m2 For Sale

Lefktros (Messinia)
20/11/2017 - LOCATION: This lovely old property is situated in the historic town of Kardamyli on the Mani pe ...
€320,000 126 m2 € 2540/m2 1 bedroom
Detached House 108 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Stoupa (Lefktros) 3866201_1  |
O' Connor Properties

Detached House 108 m2 For Sale

Stoupa (Lefktros)
20/11/2017 - LOCATION: This detached, stone property is situated in a secluded and elevated position just a 1 ...
€200,000 108 m2 € 1852/m2 2 bedrooms
Detached House 144 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Center (Koroni) 4768047_1  |
O' Connor Properties

Detached House 144 m2 For Sale

Center (Koroni)
20/11/2017 - OCATION: This lovely old stone house of character, which is ready for immediate occupation, is l ...
€95,000 144 m2 € 660/m2 3 bedrooms
Detached House 70 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Megali Mantineia (Avia) 3866034_1  |
O' Connor Properties

Detached House 70 m2 For Sale

Megali Mantineia (Avia)
20/11/2017 - LOCATION: This property is situated on the edge of the delightful and traditional village of Mega ...
€175,000 70 m2 € 2500/m2 2 bedrooms
Detached House 180 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Center (Koroni) 3866109_1  |
O' Connor Properties

Detached House 180 m2 For Sale

Center (Koroni)
20/11/2017 - LOCATION: Messinian County The house is situated in the pretty , vibrant and island-like lit ...
€195,000 180 m2 € 1083/m2 3 bedrooms
Detached House 80 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Kardamili (Lefktros) 3866055_1  |
O' Connor Properties

Detached House 80 m2 For Sale

Kardamili (Lefktros)
20/11/2017 - CODE 680 location: Messinian Mani A delightful, 2 bed ,traditional stone house just 20 metres fro ...
€160,000 80 m2 € 2000/m2 2 bedrooms
Detached House 105 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Stoupa (Lefktros) 3866118_1  |
O' Connor Properties

Detached House 105 m2 For Sale

Stoupa (Lefktros)
20/11/2017 - LOCATION: The house is conveniently located near the picturesque unspoilt resort of Stoupa, ...
€185,000 105 m2 € 1762/m2 2 bedrooms
Detached House 150 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Agnanti (Petalidi) 3866153_1  |
O' Connor Properties

Detached House 150 m2 For Sale

Agnanti (Petalidi)
20/11/2017 - LOCATION: Situated 3kms from Chrani, and 800 metres from the village of Kakorema, surrounded by ...
€285,000 150 m2 € 1900/m2 3 bedrooms
Villa 250 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Kato Verga (Kalamata) 729511_1  |
O' Connor Properties

Villa 250 m2 For Sale

Kato Verga (Kalamata)
20/11/2017 - LOCATION: Messinian Mani This amazing property is situated in a stunning location, in Verga (the ...
€1,300,000 250 m2 € 5200/m2 5 bedrooms


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