"Frixos-Byron" is a construction and real estate consulting company,which also deals with the construction of public works.About the real estate sector of our company, if you are a seller, you can trust us to promote the sale or rent of your property,avoiding any unwanted inconvenience and if you are a buyer, we can find the perfect property for you. The negotiations are all held byour company, according to our knowledge and experience.
And for those who are not satisfied with something already constructed, they can choose their own plot and we will build and shape their own personal dream house. Our Technical sector, undertakes both the design and construction of new buildings and the renovation of older ones.
Our goal is to offer our clients high quality services adjusted to your requirements,based on mutual trust and also on the speed and quality of services that we provide.

We are always at your disposal for a discreet and serious update.
For more information and to advertise your property for free,find us on our web page: www.frixos-byron.gr
and on the following address:
Spyrou Livada 2, PARGA (Tel: +302684032887)

2,Sp. Livada str, Parga

Byron Aidonis

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Apartment 70 m<sup>2</sup> To Rent Parga (Preveza Prefecture) 6043979_1  | HomeGreekHome.com
"Frixos-Byron" - "F&B"

Apartment 70 m2 To Rent

Parga (Preveza Prefecture)
18/1/2018 - For sale a 70m2 apartment for rent with a spectacular view of Parga, consisting of a spacious liv ...
€280/month 70 m2 € 4/m2 1 bedroom
Land Plot 1200 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Achilleio (Corfu) 2379738_1  | HomeGreekHome.com
"Frixos-Byron" - "F&B"

Land Plot 1200 m2 For Sale

Achilleio (Corfu)
18/1/2018 - For sale a 1.200 m2 plot at Agios Gordios in Corfu, buildable-can build up to 150sqm, on the main ...
€130,000 1200 m2 € 108/m2
Land Plot 705 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Corfu (Corfu Prefecture) 1535338_1  | HomeGreekHome.com
"Frixos-Byron" - "F&B"

Land Plot 705 m2 For Sale

Corfu (Corfu Prefecture)
18/1/2018 - For sale a plot of 705 m2 in Kanali-Corfu, 2klm from the airport, within settlement,buildable up ...
€45,000 705 m2 € 64/m2
Detached House 130 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Eleftherio (Margariti) 3196381_1  | HomeGreekHome.com
"Frixos-Byron" - "F&B"

Detached House 130 m2 For Sale

Eleftherio (Margariti)
18/1/2018 - For sale a detached 130 m2 house on a 1.000 m2 plot in the village Eleftheri in Thesprotia. The h ...
€150,000 130 m2 € 1154/m2 3 bedrooms
Villa 325 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Tzoumerka (Ioannina Prefecture) 6081839_1  | HomeGreekHome.com
"Frixos-Byron" - "F&B"

Villa 325 m2 For Sale

Tzoumerka (Ioannina Prefecture)
18/1/2018 - For sale a furnished 325m2 villa in a 1.886m2 plot in the center of Tzoumerka. The villa consists ...
€390,000 325 m2 € 1200/m2 8 bedrooms
Other Properties 310 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Filippiada (Preveza Prefecture) 1504140_1  | HomeGreekHome.com
"Frixos-Byron" - "F&B"

Other Properties 310 m2 For Sale

Filippiada (Preveza Prefecture)
18/1/2018 - For sale a corner plot of 310 m2 ,containing a house of 55 m2 and a grill-restaurant of 55m2 in ...
€55,000 310 m2 € 177/m2 2 rooms
Building 90 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Parga (Preveza Prefecture) 6038209_1  | HomeGreekHome.com
"Frixos-Byron" - "F&B"

Building 90 m2 For Sale

Parga (Preveza Prefecture)
18/1/2018 - For sale a two-storey 90m2 building close to Parga. The residence consists of 2 studios on the gr ...
€250,000 90 m2 € 2778/m2 4 bedrooms
Land Plot 3844 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Thinalio (Corfu) 1814675_1  | HomeGreekHome.com
"Frixos-Byron" - "F&B"

Land Plot 3844 m2 For Sale

Thinalio (Corfu)
18/1/2018 - For sale a 3.844 m2 plot in Perithia, buildable, within the village, flat, with sea and forest,vi ...
€100,000 3844 m2 € 26/m2
Land Plot 3000 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Chrisogiali (Parga) 5258458_1  | HomeGreekHome.com
"Frixos-Byron" - "F&B"

Land Plot 3000 m2 For Sale

Chrisogiali (Parga)
18/1/2018 -
€400,000 3000 m2 € 133/m2
Parcels 13500 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Pareli (Corfu) 1518843_1  | HomeGreekHome.com
"Frixos-Byron" - "F&B"

Parcels 13500 m2 For Sale

Pareli (Corfu)
18/1/2018 - For sale, a 13.500 m2 parcel with olive trees,in the area of Parelia in Corfu,amphitheatrical wit ...
€1,200,000 13500 m2 € 89/m2


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