ENDON Real Estate and Construction company was founded by experienced professionals and aims to:

Simplify the process of Purchasing or Renting any kind of Real Estate propery (Residential - Commercial - Land).
Offer fast, economical and customized solutions, especially for renovation or completion of unfinished private construction residencies.
In particular ENDON offers a wide range of services including:

Purchasing or leasing the property that matches the client's needs
Purchasing or leasing Land
Construction of private residences

Architectural design
Building licences
Interior architecture design
Appraisals of property or land
Property finance consulting
Lawyer specialized in all kind of estates
Tax consulting

ENDON company is located in Athens, at the Municipality of Dionysos.

Head of ENDON Realty is civil engineer Kourkoulos Stefanos (MEng Civil Engineering Imperial College - MSc Finance Imperial College).

The company's philosophy is based on a responsive and transparent quality customer service, aiming at providing solutions to meet the expectations of every client who chooses our company.

More specifically, customizing our extensive property list, which is enhanced by the collaborations with major estate offices in Greece and the rest of Europe, to each client, gives us the ability of finding the property that matches all our clients' needs.

Also, ENDON's construction team can provide a new or renovated residence with the highest construction quality, both structurally and architecturally, always in accordance with the client's needs and requirements.

Efterpis 72

Stefanos Kourkoulos

Agency base

Properties List

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Maisonette 350 m<sup>2</sup> To Rent Mortero (Nea Erithraia) 2371449_1  | HomeGreekHome.com

Maisonette 350 m2 To Rent

Mortero (Nea Erithraia)
23/10/2017 - NEA ERYTHRAIA - MORTERO Excellent location, close to City Markets but on a very quiet pedestria ...
€1,500/month 350 m2 € 4/m2 5 bedrooms
Maisonette 210 m<sup>2</sup> To Rent Kastri (Nea Erithraia) 5830616_1  | HomeGreekHome.com

Maisonette 210 m2 To Rent

Kastri (Nea Erithraia)
23/10/2017 - NEW ERITHREA - Kastri Excellent, Independent Maisonette with private garden for Rent. It was bu ...
€1,250/month 210 m2 € 6/m2 4 bedrooms
Maisonette 325 m<sup>2</sup> To Rent Dionisos (Athens - North) 5381427_1  | HomeGreekHome.com

Maisonette 325 m2 To Rent

Dionisos (Athens - North)
22/10/2017 - DIONYSOS On the right side of Dionyssos, in a pine-covered area with very easy access, very clos ...
€1,400/month 325 m2 € 4/m2 4 bedrooms
Apartment 215 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Kefalari (Kifisia) 5828917_1  | HomeGreekHome.com

Apartment 215 m2 For Sale

Kefalari (Kifisia)
22/10/2017 - KIFISIA - KEFALARI In a very good spot and very close to the center and the Agora, In a 3-storey ...
€430,000 215 m2 € 2000/m2 4 bedrooms
Maisonette 264 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Dionisos (Athens - North) 2416378_1  | HomeGreekHome.com

Maisonette 264 m2 For Sale

Dionisos (Athens - North)
22/10/2017 - DIONYSOS In a verdant environment and close enough to the Schools, Independent Maisonette with a ...
€450,000 264 m2 € 1705/m2 5 bedrooms
Apartment 125 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Center (Kifisia) 5960985_1  | HomeGreekHome.com

Apartment 125 m2 For Sale

Center (Kifisia)
22/10/2017 - KIFISIA - CENTER Close to HSAP, 3rd floor apartment with unlimited view for sale. It is perfect ...
€380,000 125 m2 € 3040/m2 2 bedrooms
Apartment 140 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Drosia (Athens - North) 5189059_1  | HomeGreekHome.com

Apartment 140 m2 For Sale

Drosia (Athens - North)
22/10/2017 - DROSIA Very close to the market and public transport, excellent airy single floor apartment for ...
€180,000 140 m2 € 1286/m2 3 bedrooms
Detached House 344 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Kapitenia (Agios Stefanos) 5271080_1  | HomeGreekHome.com

Detached House 344 m2 For Sale

Kapitenia (Agios Stefanos)
22/10/2017 - AGIOS STEFANOS - In a verdant spot and in an amazing plot of 1350sq.m, remarkable Detached House ...
€230,000 344 m2 € 669/m2 3 bedrooms
Apartment 182 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Kastri (Nea Erithraia) 2811852_1  | HomeGreekHome.com

Apartment 182 m2 For Sale

Kastri (Nea Erithraia)
22/10/2017 - KASTRI Exceptionally, in a newly built building complex of three independent buildings, namely A ...
€380,000 182 m2 € 2088/m2 3 bedrooms
Maisonette 198 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Kastri (Nea Erithraia) 5959682_1  | HomeGreekHome.com

Maisonette 198 m2 For Sale

Kastri (Nea Erithraia)
22/10/2017 - NEA ERYTHREA - KASTRI Exceptionally, in a building complex of three independent buildings, nam ...
€350,000 198 m2 € 1768/m2 3 bedrooms


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