Real Estate Agency Headquartered in Larissa (Greece) the Euroland-estate is one of the leading companies offering real solutions akiniton.Parechontai services for Original Bookings, Investments, Documentation, Property surveys and Sale-Purchase of residential and Larissa and other parts of Greece. In collaboration with relevant agencies are given the possibility of providing advisory services for any customer profile.
The Euroland Estate was established with the sole purpose of providing professional and specialized services to its clients. Customers can count on us for all their needs and further served with the same enthusiasm and not proportionate to their economic potential.
As a real estate company, we supply all the needs and requirements of our customers with absolute consistency-whether for purchase or sale of their property, and removal services, real estate investment, providing real estate consulting and property management.
We have vast experience in selling, buying houses, but also in commercial and industrial diacheirisis.Diathetoume large database of various clients who want to sell or buy akinita.To important we recognize and understand the need of our customers for a thorough finding suitable properties, any requirement and budget tous.Diatiroume confidentiality and privacy for buyers / sellers to conclude contracts at the best prices in the market.

We offer flexible-integrated range of services and deep knowledge of the real estate market sector with experience that will ensure the reliable choice purchasing or selling any property.
Our services include:
sector Real Estate is always a worthwhile ependysi.Agorazonati, property sold, rented or vriskontaistin property for commercial or residential skopous.Yparchei huge thorough planning, research and stratigiki.Diatithentai in depth market knowledge akinlitoa and therefore we can provide effective guidance regarding investments.
Subscribe to prmitheia documents stamped and completing the registration process in dikastiria.Episis provide services ratification to customers makes agor'as process and sell very efkoloteri.Oi our services include:
-Katachorisi property
-Metavivasi Property
-PROGRAMMES Title search and legal documents
-configuration Loans for or against the property by financial institutions / banks.
-Drastiriopoiisi And space of desing and Takeover renovations, configurations and decorating business and private with recognized specialists fully trained in their subject.
Take advantage and enjoy our guidance through the entire process until the final transaction / expropriation of property and arranging the purchase and sale of Residential & Commercialακινήτων-οικοπέδων,διαμερισμάτων,κατ στημάτωνγραφείων,bunglows,Βίλες,Ανεξαρτήτου level to support us in all the implementation procedures.

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Studio 30 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Larisa (Larissa Prefecture ) 3574649_1  |

Studio 30 m2 For Sale

Larisa (Larissa Prefecture )
22/12/2016 - For sale Flat 4th floor frontage , 24 sqm. (30 sqm. gross area) 10 Etia Agios Thomas Heating oil ...
€20,000 30 m2 € 667/m2 0 bedroom
Maisonette 120 m<sup>2</sup> To Rent Nea Politia (Larisa) 4861599_1  |

Maisonette 120 m2 To Rent

Nea Politia (Larisa)
22/12/2016 -
€600/month 120 m2 € 5/m2 3 bedrooms
Detached House 278 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Ag. Achilleios (Larisa) 4952838_1  |

Detached House 278 m2 For Sale

Ag. Achilleios (Larisa)
7/12/2016 -
€250,000 278 m2 € 899/m2 2 bedrooms
Studio 25 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Platamonas (Easts Olimpos) 4952917_1  |

Studio 25 m2 For Sale

Platamonas (Easts Olimpos)
7/12/2016 -
€26,000 25 m2 € 1040/m2 1 bedroom
Detached House 53 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Center (Nikaia) 4952856_1  |

Detached House 53 m2 For Sale

Center (Nikaia)
7/12/2016 -
€30,000 53 m2 € 566/m2 1 bedroom
Apartment 40 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Platamonas (Easts Olimpos) 4850475_1  |

Apartment 40 m2 For Sale

Platamonas (Easts Olimpos)
6/12/2016 -
€65,000 40 m2 € 1625/m2 1 bedroom
Apartment 91 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Larisa (Larissa Prefecture ) 3566588_1  |

Apartment 91 m2 For Sale

Larisa (Larissa Prefecture )
6/12/2016 - APARTMENT FOR SALE 2nd floor, 91 sq m. (Gross area), 71.89 sqm. (Clean surface) 10 Etia Agios Ant ...
€88,000 91 m2 € 967/m2 2 bedrooms
Maisonette 78 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Velika (Melivoia) 4813249_1  |

Maisonette 78 m2 For Sale

Velika (Melivoia)
5/12/2016 -
€140,000 78 m2 € 1795/m2 4 bedrooms
Apartment 105 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Averof (Larisa) 4943264_1  |

Apartment 105 m2 For Sale

Averof (Larisa)
3/12/2016 -
€160,000 105 m2 € 1524/m2 3 bedrooms
Detached House 55 m<sup>2</sup> For Sale Stomio (Evrimeno) 4887134_1  |

Detached House 55 m2 For Sale

Stomio (Evrimeno)
2/12/2016 -
€70,000 55 m2 € 1273/m2 4 bedrooms



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